WITPartnersFor more than seventy years, the Wyoming Institute of Technology has been partnering with global leaders in their respective fields.  From helping Halliburton investigate the sustainability of green energy, to aiding companies like BP and Exxon-Mobil develop innovative methods of cleaning up unfortunate ecological messes, to providing Phillip Morris with critical research to highlight the dangers — and the myths of dangers — regarding smoking, WIT has stood at the forefront of corporate-sponsored scientific research and development for decades, with greater achievements than any other privately-owned scientific think tank in the world.

The next time you’re enjoying a delicious cheeseburger enhanced in every way by Monsanto’s GMO technology, think of WIT’s research.  When you’re filling up your car with cost-effective fuel, know that it was WIT research that told oil companies how eco-friendly and virtually limitless our supply of oil is.  And when your doctor prescribes a perfectly affordable medication for an illness you didn’t even realize you had, rest assured that medical researchers at WIT helped create that drug, and even helped discover the illness that drug is saving your life from.