WIT is currently hiring for the following positions. Please email your cover letter, resume, and list of references to our human resources department, with position included in the subject line.

Test Subject

Are you interested in science, and yearning to contribute to fascinating new medical research that could potentially change the world and save lives? WIT has partnered with Monsanto, Pfizer, and SetPoint Medical to deliver an exciting new drug designed to offset the almost non-existent side effects of genetically modified organisms used in the agriculture industry, which is rapidly developing remarkable technological advancements.
Ideal Candidates: Subjects must be non-smokers between the ages of 18 and 65, with no history of heart or brain issues, or drug or alcohol dependence. Only US and Mexican citizens may apply.
Responsibilities: The subject must be willing to consume nine (9) pills per day for thirty (30) consecutive days, reporting to one of our labs (locations are in Cheyenne, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles) every seven (7) days for forty-nine (49) days . During these lab visits, our professional medical researchers will measure vital signs, collect stool and urine samples, ask you to walk or run on a treadmill, administer IQ tests and psychiatric evaluations, and take two (2) blood samples, both while you are eating genetically-modified foods. Researchers may, at their own discretion, ask you to sexually stimulate yourself on camera during these visits. All subjects will be asked to sign waivers, non-disclosure agreements, and other vital documents.
Compensation: Subjects will be paid $50 USD per laboratory visit, with a bonus $100 upon completion of your final laboratory visit on the 49th day. This position does NOT offer any bonus compensation or benefits of any kind.

Custodian – 3rd Shift

WIT requires custodian/ janitorial staff in our Cheyenne, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles laboratories.
Ideal Candidates: Must have 3+ years custodial experience and a valid driver’s license.
Responsibilities: Cleaning lab facilities and equipment, removing trash from the property, and occasional groundskeeping. The job will include occasionally moving medical waste weighing anywhere from 100 lbs to 400 lbs, in black bags that can range from 4 ft. to 6.7 ft. in length. Occasionally these bags are disposed of in rivers (as a part of our environmentalism experiments, of course), so candidates should be able to think on their feet and improvise should these bags fail to sink properly, or should local law enforcement be confused as to which locations we’re dumping at.
Compensation: $18,000 to $24,000 per year, based on experience. Includes health, dental, and visual insurance.


Let’s face it: if you’re an aspiring scientist, chances are it was a childhood dream of yours to come work with the Wyoming Institute of Technology.  But do you have what it takes?  Can you deliver the sort of cutting-edge science that our company has built our reputation upon?
Ideal Candidates: Ideal aspiring researchers should be experienced within their field of study.  We are looking for completely neutral and non-partisan scientists.  Must be capable of, and willing to, focus entirely on the project you’re assigned to.  WIT expects results that will align with the expectations of our private sector partners, often on tight schedules, so researchers must be willing to put in added time in the lab when necessary.
Responsibilities: Researchers will be working in a laboratory environment, conducting research in the fields of medicine, genetics, environmental sciences/ ecology, anatomy, consumer technologies, and more.  You may be asked to contribute to projects outside your area of expertise.
Compensation: $95,000 to $240,000 per year, based on experience and educational background.  Includes health, dental, visual, and life insurance.  401K and stock opportunities available.  Certain projects with private-sector partners may include bonuses if your findings match up to the expected results of the research.  These bonus might range from $50,000 to $2,500,000, depending on the stipulations of the company’s contract with WIT, the agreeability of your findings, and other scientific factors.

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