Government Injects Prisoners with Gay Gene

Alcatraz11There has been a lot of speculation in recent decades as to whether a “gay gene” actually exists and is the cause of homosexuality. A recent study conducted by the Wyoming Institute of Technology concludes that, not only does such a gene exist, but it was, at one point, injected into human test subjects.

At the height of the Cold War, the Eisenhower Administration authorized the NIH (National Institute of Health) to conduct a study in which the homosexual gene was isolated, analyzed and formulated into a serum. Scientists wanted to inject the serum into human test subjects in order to determine its efficacy as a means of population control. In the course of this covert operation, one thousand prison inmates from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary were injected with the serum during routine check-ups without their knowledge or consent.

Recently, WIT unearthed documents previously thought to have been destroyed. These documents contained information about the gene and data obtained during close examination of the test subjects. In the words of one participating scientist, the inmate “exhibited slight changes in the patterns of regular speech and displayed a strong desire for members of the same sex.”

The study ended abruptly approximately two years after it began. It was concluded that creating a large number of homosexuals had a negligible effect, if any, on the growing population crisis in the United States. The experiment was hastily abandoned and no antidote was offered to the human test subjects. In the apparent haste to obliterate any evidence of this controversial study, the leftover serum was dumped somewhere near the San Francisco Bay Area. Having learned of the study and the improper destruction of materials, scientists fear that the formula may have found its way into the public water supply. Samples of the city’s drinking water are currently undergoing analysis at UCLA. The findings will be published in the September issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

The geneticists at WIT, having taken numerous blood and hair samples from the gay community, have determined that the experimental gene may be partly responsible for the steady increase in homosexuality from the 1950’s to the current day. This study could lead to a possible antidote or drugs for the suppression of homosexual urges.


  1. Braden

    September 7, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    If this is true,this is violation of human rights,and could put several otherwise innocent people,if this gene exists,which as a Christian i believe doesn’t,it could put people in Hell

  2. Levonne Gryder

    May 26, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    Satan’s work at its finest TRUE EVIL!!!

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