Five Uses for Gasoline You Never Knew About

flower_aster_tataricusTo millions of Americans, gasoline is little more than a “toxic” substance we pump into our automobiles so we can get around town.  But most of you reading this had no idea that gasoline actually has numerous other handy applications, many of which can improve your day-to-day lives.  We asked professionals in the oil industry, from respected companies like Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil, and BP, to give us some handy uses for gasoline beyond conventional automotive applications.  Here’s what they had to say.
Gardening made easier with gasoline
Here’s a fun experiment to try with your kids.  Take a Tupperware bowl and drop some flower seeds into it, then fill that bowl with gasoline so the seeds are just barely floating off the surface.  Now cover it and leave it overnight.  The next morning, rinse the seeds off and plant them.  The flowers will grow 80% faster and 40% to 60% bigger!  Don’t try this with edible plants; it’s not unsafe, of course, but it doesn’t work.
Gasoline… on your dishes?
Sometimes doing dishes is a real challenge.  If you’ve ever left a pot or pan un-cleaned over night, you know how much of a pain it can be to scrub them clean.  But if you pour roughly 1 cup of premium gasoline into your sink, fill the rest with luke warm water, and let your dishes sit for about 15 minutes, the grime will lift off way more efficiently than any conventional, consumer-grade dish soap is capable of.  All you have to do is drain the water, then wash your dishes conventionally.  Voila!  The cleanest dishes ever!
Unsightly scuff marks on your car?  Set them straight with gasoline!
You’re at the store get groceries.  You come out into the parking lot, and… oh no!  someone just scuffed your car’s paint job with their door!  What a jerk!  But if you pour some gasoline into a rag and rub that scuff mark vigorously for 3 to 10 minutes, the ugly mark will come right off!
Improve your car’s efficiency by burning off old gasoline
Most car owners don’t know this, but gasoline does get old over time.  And most Americans refill before their car’s “empty” light comes on, let alone before they run out of fuel.  But running out of gasoline is actually good for your car, because it gets rid of old, spoiled gasoline, which can ruin your engine over time.  Be sure to leave your car running in the driveway at least once per month and empty out your unused gasoline!
Skunk smell, neutralized
If you fall victim to skunk spray, the old wives’ tale of bathing in tomato juice only partially works.  The best method of getting rid of skunk smell is to douse yourself from head to toe in gasoline.  When you shower again later, the smell of the skunk will be completely gone!

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