Creationists Insist Human Spirit Belongs on Periodic Table


source: allthingswildlyconsidered – 2014

On February 5, 2014, a debate between TV’s Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham rocked the science world. Bill Nye, as anyone watching the program would know, clearly and unequivocally emerged from this clash the victor. Mr. Ham made the bold assertion that the biblical book of Genesis is a historical document and can, therefore, be taken literally.

To most science- minded people, this notion sounds completely mad. However, it would seem that this is just one of many outlandish beliefs held by Ham and his associates. It was recently discovered that Creationists are lobbying to include the human spirit on the periodic table of elements.

In the view of traditional modern science, an element is a physical substance with a countable amount of atoms. These substances have been seen. We know of their existence and encounter many of them in our daily lives.

We do, arguably, encounter “souls” or “spirits” every day within their mortal vehicles. However, no one has actually seen a soul within a human body. No one has ever physically handled a soul or observed one beneath the lens of a microscope. Many even doubt that the soul exists at all. Why, then, would we allow its presence on the periodic table of elements?

A representative from Answers in Genesis (a nonprofit Creationist science organization founded by Ken Ham) was heard to say, “the human spirit is the most essential element of all. It is the element around which all other elements revolve. Without first being aware of our spiritual selves, we never could have discovered or become aware of any of the elements currently listed on the table.”

As well as, “After all, God gave us the soul. The soul is the source of our consciousness, and, without our consciousness, we wouldn’t be able to think or speak intelligently let alone make such incredible discoveries.” The representative then went on to loudly praise the glory of God and quote the book of Genesis and other assorted scripture such as: Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but shall have eternal life. John 3:15. Which seemed entirely unrelated to his point.

Dr. Amanda Black, a leading scientist at the Wyoming Institute of Technology, tells us why the inclusion of the human spirit on the periodic table of elements is impossible. “The periodic table is an arrangement of chemical elements organized on the basis of their atomic numbers,” she says. “Firstly, there is no proof whatsoever that the human soul even exists.

“Secondly, if it did exist, there is no method by which its atoms could be counted and its electron configurations assessed,” she continues. “The desire of the creationists should be ignored. To even acknowledge them lends credence to these outrageous ideas which are based on a religious text and magical thinking.”

Answers in Genesis, despite backlash from the scientific community, plans to propose the idea of the inclusion of the human spirit on the periodic table at the next Life Sciences Summit which will take place later this year. It remains to be seen whether investors at the summit will take the organization’s request seriously. Their proposal about Creation Science being taught in the public school system was met with abject horror. It is difficult to believe that their proposed adjustment to the periodic table of elements will be met with anything shy of outrage.

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