Christians Live Longer than Other Believers, Scientists Say


source: wikimedia commons – 2014

Religion, as everyone knows, has been causing controversy for thousands of years. Each major religion purports to be the greatest, the most charitable, and the most powerful, all while doing their utmost to attract new followers. No one can say for certain which religion is the best or the most spiritual, as these things are a matter of opinion. Scientists believe they can now tell us which religion has the biggest impact on the human life span.

A team of scientists led by Dr. Richter DasMeerungeheuer, who is well known for his religious studies as related to science, developed a study with leading theologists to determine which major religious group can claim the healthiest and longest- living worshipers. Dr. DasMeerungeheuer was able to narrow the groups down to only three: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, these being the three largest religions in the world.

Dr. DasMeerungeheuer’s team of specialists spent long periods of time carefully observing each group to assess their habits and behavior, asking subjects and religious leaders a series of in depth questions about prayer, spirituality and group dynamics within the church community. They also examined the parish registers in order to ascertain the average age of death. At the conclusion of the study, it was found that Christians live approximately fifteen years longer than adherents to other faiths.

Christians do, on the whole, seem to live very healthy and orderly lives, especially when compared to the average American non- believer. The Christian has a strict weekly routine that focuses on prayer groups and church on Sundays. They tend to be middle to upper- middle class and, therefore, can afford better food and health care than others. Although Jewish people tend to be upper middle class, or even some of this country’s wealthiest citizens, they still seem not to live as long as their Christian counterparts.

“Followers of Christ tend to spend much of their day in a state of prayer and thankfulness,” says Dr. DasMeerungeheuer. “The Christians I spent time with were heard constantly to be thanking the Lord for even the smallest things! Prayer is a form of meditation and, as many people know, meditation lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.” The study proved followers of Islam to be deeply spiritual, but they pray only five times per day at set times whereas, in certain sects of Christianity, they pray between eight and twelve times per day and almost always at random.

There are other practices that are believed to give Christians their outstanding longevity. They have many fewer sexual partners than the average adult due to strict rules that prohibit sexual contact before marriage. This drastically reduces their chances of contracting life threatening sexually transmitted diseases. Also, Christians rarely stray outside of their church groups, relying heavily upon one another for social needs, safety and security. This sort of pack mentality is very effective in the animal kingdom, as well.

If you aren’t a Christian, there is no need to fear. The Pope and other spiritual leaders make it clear that anyone is welcome to drop what they’re doing and follow Jesus. There is no guarantee that this will extend your alloted span of years, but, as revealed in this study, there are many other practical benefits to becoming a person of faith.


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