Chemtrails Linked to Cancer, Scientists Say


source: metabunk – 2014

When looking into the sky on a typical summer day, clouds, birds and the occasional airplane are among the usual and expected sights. In Redding, California, however, a strange and misty cross-hatching can be seen blanketing the sky. These unusual straight clouds are called chemtrails and, although they are a curious sight, they may actually be deadly.

When asked about these abnormal cloud formations, officials in the local government attribute the phenomenon to increased jet traffic. White streaks called contrails are created when water vapor freezes around little particles found in the exhaust of aircraft. This sounds perfectly harmless, but the citizens of Redding insist that there is a big difference between contrails and chemtrails.

“Contrails are stick-straight and evaporate pretty quickly,” says David Byrne, a local environmentalist. “Chemtrails are a different story. At first, they may appear to be the same thing, but, if you watch for a little while, the chemtrail doesn’t evaporate. It keeps spreading out and forms a sort of hazy cloud bank that lasts between five and eight hours. I’ve even seen them produce a jelly-like rain.” And the differences don’t stop there. Contrails are completely benign whereas chemtrails have been linked to cancer.

A research team from the Wyoming Institute of Technology collected samples of rain and groundwater from Redding and other communities in the Shasta County area. The samples underwent numerous tests and were found to contain barium, fiberglass, radioactive thorium, mold spores, cadmium and dessicated blood. Many of these substances are known to cause cancer, and cancer rates are undeniably on the rise in Shasta County. Between 1998 and 2014, the cancer rate has nearly tripled and the citizens have noticed an obvious connection.

“Folks are dropping like flies!” Said a farmer from Redding, Etta Murphy. “When I was a kid, cancer was practically unheard of! In the past ten years I’ve lost both of my sisters and my dog to the cancer. Ten years ago is about when I started seeing these chemtrails. Explain that!”

Our researchers believe that they can explain. After finding plenty of harmful matter in the water samples, blood samples were taken from local cancer patients. The levels of radioactive material and other harmful substances found were astonishing. These were the exact same chemicals found found in the water samples. The tumors were also found to contain alarming amounts of cadmium. This proves a definite connection between the chemtrails and cancer.

This poisonous cloud does actually have a silver lining. The illnesses caused by chemtrails can be prevented. By eating food and produce approved by the FDA, one can avoid introducing harmful chemicals into the body. Organic fruits and vegetables grown in unsafe outdoor areas are at a higher risk of being exposed to these strange airborne substances. The FDA also strongly suggests that people in chemtrail areas consume safe, prepackaged food items that can be found in the center aisles of most commercial grocery stores.


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