Black and Decker Plans Release Of Highly Anticipated New Hydrator Product

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Black and Decker, in conjunction with Pizza Hut, has taken a big step toward changing the way we will look at pizza and the entire fast food industry next year. The company’s Quality Assurance department has finalized testing on a new kitchen appliance called the Hydrator.

It is meant to be the first of a new dynasty of kitchen appliances that are much more energy-efficient and time saving than current options. Black and Decker has achieved its goal of bringing functional movie technology to your home after 15 years of pain staking trial and error.

“Everyone has always dreamed of having gadgets that they see in the movies,” says Dr. Dominic Payne, PhD – WIT. “We get to deliver on that dream. Making a piece of fantasy from an iconic movie manifest itself into reality has been a truly rewarding experience.”

The project was ran inside Black and Decker Labs and accounted for two-thirds of the research staff. Black and Decker had expanded their research spending in support of the project, says Payne, though he would not disclose the amount. The Hydrator is designed to be small enough to store in your kitchen cabinet or dorm room yet efficient enough to feed a family of four a fresh hot meal within minutes of setup.

Payne also says they are in negotiations with other restaurant chains to broaden the meal selection past pizza to gourmet meals and decadent deserts. When asked how the device worked, Payne revealed he could not get into the details of the functionality due to patent concerns. However, he did say that it will take a dehydrated pizza that is approximately the size of a fifty-cent piece, and within 45 seconds, re-hydrate it into a full 14” steaming hot pizza, ready to be cut and served.

“Just imagine the applications for such a device,” stated an excited Walter MacLean, CEO of Marketing for Pizza Hut. “It could be expanded on to feed the astronaut’s fresh hot meals in space as well as bringing well-balanced and nutritious meals to less fortunate individuals in third-world countries. This could be the first step towards curing world hunger!”

While sending fresh hot pizza to space and solving world hunger are still distant hopes for this new advancement in food preparation, in 2015 consumers will have a satisfying selection of pizza’s to choose from such as Supreme, Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers, Plain, and the half pepperoni half green pepper as seen on the big screen.

A price tag has not yet been announced for this product, but with a projected release date of April 2015, consumers can anticipate they will be seeing this appliance advertised in force shortly after the conclusion of the 2014 holiday season.

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